Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

This warranty includes all defects of design, components and manufacturing. Excluded from warranty are damages due to:

• Breaking the product seal (opening the casing) without proper approval
• Transport damage
• Incorrect installation or commissioning by Client
• Unauthorized Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs
• Incorrect use or inappropriate operation
• Insufficient ventilation of the device
• Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations
• Force majeure (e.g., lightning, over voltage, storm, fire It will be also out of
the scope of this Warranty any inverter with a serial number that has been
manipulated or it is unreadable.

System Overview

The solar PV Power generation system supplied by Solar City Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd is a highly efficient, modular, extendable and cost-effective power generation solution. The system is designed according to the International Standards to ensure that you have years of trouble-free operations. As a result of proven technology, the system is highly efficient and maintenance free. With one-time investment, the Solar Power pack provides the prudent way of managing the energy costs in an eco-friendly way. The savings made on energy costs will help the companies to directly benefit and contributing to their growth


Obligations of Client

* The client shall provide reasonable access to water and electricity for technical personnel of SCES during the installation and thereafter during technical services and maintenance.
* The client has the right to check the identity of personnel of SCES before authorizing them to enter in to the Client’s premises.
* SCES personnel in consultation with the client or his / her representatives identify the best-suited location for placing the solar PV panels during the installation. However, client shall take precautions to avoid potential shading which could affect the performance of the solar PV system.
* Internet connection is a must for remote monitoring of performance of the Solar PV system. Therefore, the Client shall provide the Internet connection for the solar PV system all throughout the contract period to facilitate remote monitoring and maintenance activities of the solar PV system.
* Attendance of SCES staff due to others faults (Client, Electricity Authority, Grid supply issues etc.), SCES charge per visit cost to cover the labour and transport, as per section.
* The client agrees that the payments shall be made on or before the due dates and failing which SCES shall charge interest on the outstanding amount, accruing at the rate of fifteen percent (15%) per annum provided that payment shall be made within 90 days from its due date.

* The client shall notify SCES promptly upon the client’s actual knowledge of;

a. Any material malfunctions of or damage to the System;
b. Any interruption or alteration of the electricity generation and Output of the System;

* The client shall not carry out any alterations, modifications, relocation or repairs to the Solar PV system under any circumstances without informing and also obtaining a written consent from SCES.

* The failure to adhere to the clauses in this section may result in termination of this Agreement and may result in warranty been void.

*SCES – Solar City Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd